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Goolton Invites You to Participate in the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo in 2021

Sep 10-2021

As a large-scale and influential comprehensive exhibition for the optoelectronic industry, the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Ex...
10 Sep
Goolton Technology Uses AI+AR to Boost Digital Transformation of Enterprises and Leverage the B-end Market of Ten Billion Yuan

Sep 09-2021

With the rapid development of chip, AI, cloud computing and other foundations, as well as the popularization of 5G network and the release of the national 14th Five Year Plan, the value of VR /AR hard...
09 Sep
The Optical Waveguide of Goolton Technology Has Become Widely Known and Takes the Lead in Realizing Industrial High-level Customization Mass Production

Sep 02-2021

The concept of Metaverse and Roblox, the "First Share of Metaverse" with a market value of over US$40 billion, have become a hot topic for everyone in the venture capital industry in 2021. W...
02 Sep
What Are Smart Glasses or AR Eyeglasses?

Aug 25-2021

1. What are smart glasses?The glasses of smart glasses are like smart watches. In other words, they are all wearable devices that can present useful information to users. Just like a smart watch, thes...
25 Aug
Oil Integrated Management System Combined with AR Smart Glasses

Aug 18-2021

1. Application of AR smart glasses technology in the petroleum industryThe petroleum industry is an important pillar and foundation of economic development, as well as a driving force for the developm...
18 Aug
The Application of AR Smart Glasses in the Industrial Field

Aug 11-2021

1. Why are AR smart glasses first applied in the industrial field?Just like the development path of other smart terminals such as mobile phones and computers, special applications will be first carrie...
11 Aug
"5g+ Smart Glasses" Brings Unlimited Possibilities for News Dissemination

Aug 04-2021

In the past, video news has not been able to bring the best experience to the audience due to the jam latency of the network bandwidth, the instability of the handheld camera, and the lack of clear pi...
04 Aug
Goolton Smart Glasses Display Technology

Jul 22-2021

Smart glasses display technology-AR:AR glass is a comprehensive platform. The whole workflow includes four key technologies: target recognition, slam, graphics rendering and optical display.Details of...
22 Jul
Application of Augmented Reality in Logistics:

Jul 15-2021

Application fields of augmented reality in logistics:AR technology is the abbreviation of augmented reality technology. It is a kind of technology that integrates virtual information and real world sk...
15 Jul
What Are the Advantages of Glasses with AR?

Jul 08-2021

What is the difference between glasses with AR and helmets with AR?VR helmet puts the display screen in front of the user's eyes, blocking all the line of sight. Users can only see the content dis...
08 Jul
How AR Works in Automotive Industry?

Jul 01-2021

Application of AR in automotive industry:The application of AR in automotive industry has gradually diversified. In addition to a series of applications such as AR auto show application, AR auto viewi...
01 Jul
What Are the Advantages of AR Security System

Jun 24-2021

The basis of AR security system:The first part: face recognition, gesture recognition and human action recognition. After calculation, a preliminary understanding of the object to be calculated has be...
24 Jun
Successful Conclusion Of The First Show Of The Goolton Science And Technology Light Fair

Mar 24-2021

22nd 2020 China international optoelectronic exposition (CIOE) on September 9 to 11, 2020, in guangdong province shenzhen international exhibition center opened as scheduled, the east valley technolog...
24 Mar
Goolton Technology Obtained Tens Of Millions Of Yuan Of Strategic Financing

Mar 24-2021

Recently, domestic AI+AR field head company Goolton Technology announced that it won tens of millions of yuan strategic financing, led by Guangzhou City Investment Capital Capital, a number of institu...
24 Mar
Goolton AR Glasses System Won The First Prize

Mar 24-2021

On December 21, the final of the 4th National Robot Patent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was held in Wuhu City, Anhui Province, which is an integral part of the Yangtze River Delta. 15 f...
24 Mar
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