AR Algorithm

Face recognition algorithm

Face detection

Face 1: N match

Face N: M match

Face tracking

Personnel registration

Personnel deletion


Object / target recognition algorithm

  • As one of AR glasses manufacturers, we provide person recognition with multi-target tracking recognition. Combining public security and face black and white lists to achieve a massive target match.

  • Environmental understanding algorithms of  ar technology glasses can be applied to object recognition, which can be customized to identify sensitive objects in the security field.


Action/behavior recognition algorithm

  • Supporting tracking multi-person motion recognition, which can effectively identify dangerous behaviors in public safety, including fighting, beatings, and abnormal behavior.

  • Real-time and high accuracy, and to realize early warning and judgment.


Posture recognition algorithm

  • Posture recognition based on augmented reality algorithms aims to research on the modeling of key points of body features and adopts feature prediction models, which can be used to support posture prediction within 0.5 seconds.

  • The Chinese AR glasses can collect and analyze data based on human limbs and movements, performing deep learning, and establishing posture databases for key populations such as the elderly and soldiers.

  • Posture prediction to prevent falls. Detecting abnormal posture during real-time monitoring or patrol and then alarm.


Emotion / expression recognition algorithm

  • Collecting data according to the human facial expression analyzer, perform facial features analysis, and deep learning to find individuals with abnormal mental states.

  • Can accurately and quickly give feedback, visualize data identification, and traceability.

  • Commonly used for monitoring equipment to identify abnormal people or people with abnormal emotional or mental states during airport security checks, or to retrieve suspicious people in criminal investigations.


SLAM positioning algorithm

  • Accurate and stable positioning in static environments.

  • Using ar glasses to identify plane objects can quickly locate and identify position information, and can accurately overlay virtual objects into the real environment.

  • AR virtual display interaction needs accurate positioning to achieve more intuitive and realistic effects.

  • Widely used in industrial maintenance.

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