Application of Augmented Reality in Logistics:

Application fields of augmented reality in logistics:

AR technology is the abbreviation of augmented reality technology. It is a kind of technology that integrates virtual information and real world skillfully. The key point of logistics industry is the integration of warehouse (storage), trunk (trunk transportation), distribution (terminal distribution) and network (logistics network). AR technology solves these problems well.

Augmented reality in logistics is applied to warehousing

Pick by Vision

In the warehouse operation, the most difficult point is picking and checking. Therefore, it can be seen that a lot of technology applications in picking operation. Picking technology includes pick by paper, pick by RF, pick to light and pick to voice. AR warehouse picking makes it possible to pick by vision.

Augmented reality in logistics is applied to trunk transportation and terminal distribution

In the process of transportation and loading, two important decisions are needed, one is the loading of transportation, and the other is to determine the loading sequence according to the transportation route. With the help of AR technology and background computing, the loading and loading sequence of transportation can be optimized.

AR technology has a broad application prospect in the logistics industry, and AR has opened a window of lean logistics for us.

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