Array Optical Module M2010
AR changes cognition, AI empowers industry
AR Engine
AR Glasses And AR Optical Module
AR Glasses

As one of the smart AR glasses manufacturers, Goolton offers the Latest AR glasses C200-S with a high-transmittance waveguide display, adjustable display, IP66 waterproof, Ex explosion-proof, 2M anti-drop. The Chinese AR glasses can be used in the security, Petroleum, and Petrochemical power Industry.

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AR Glasses
AR Optical Display Module

As one of the best AR glass companies, Goolton produces Goolton M2026 that uses Micro OLED array optical waveguide technology, small, light (only 10g), with features of thin, high permeability, low cost, and OEM, ODM supportable.

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AR Optical Display Module
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AR experience with Goolton
AI And AR Application Technology AI And AR Application Technology
AR Algorithm

AI core algorithms, one of the AR development services, are based on scene understanding of deep learning, including facial recognition, emotion recognition, motion recognition, license plate recognition, crowd analysis, and other algorithms to realize digitization, visualization, and intelligence, to improve efficiency and ensure safety for industrial production.

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AR Engine

Augmented reality engine empowering Industry, based on digital twins and digital interactions, to build a new generation of intelligent information systems in the fields of industry, transportation, logistics, and security, and realize asset digitization, information visualization, human-machine integration, and intelligent management in all aspects.

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Goolton Technology AR Solutions
AR Solutions of Smart Industry

The main applications of the smart industry are AR intelligent remote guidance, standardized process training system, industrial parts identification, intelligent maintenance assistance, thermal sensor information visualization, plus epidemic prevention and temperature measurement.

Smart Industry

Augmented Virtual Reality In Warehouse Logistics

Smart logistics can manage employee accounts, goods in or out of warehouses management, goods search, inventory-taking, and goods or shelf identification. AR glasses made in China can help the operator quickly and conveniently coordinate inventory and effectively use space, by superimposing the virtual navigation route, to accurately find the goods you need.

Warehouse Logistics

AR Solutions of Security

Smart security focuses on on-site mobile video collection so that the site and the command centre can coordinate with each other to dispatch the command, conduct intelligent inspections of key equipment and key items in key areas to avoid misinspection inspections caused by human causes, and prevent problems before they occur. So as to provide technical support for emergency rescue.


AR Solutions of AR Smart Emergency

Transmission technology issues and expert collaboration used when remote collaboration is required in the power production process, including audio and video interactions between front-end equipment and back-end experts at the production site to achieve technical support and process supervision of the production process.

AR Smart Emergency

AR Solutions of Remote Assistance

Based on the AR smart glasses produced by smart AR glasses manufacturer from the first perspective, experts can remotely connect to the first site, guide the on-site staff to solve first-line problems and improve communication effectiveness through multiple methods such as text, voice, video, pictures, screenshots, marking, sending video, and AR overlay.

Remote Assistance

About Goolton
About Goolton

As one of smart AR glasses manufacturers​, Goolton Technology focuses on AI and AR application technology to achieve smart sharing and industrial enablement based on AR wearable devices and is devoted to providing the best AR smart glasses. Having cooperated with well-known university research institutes and labs such as Tsinghua University, Beihang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and established the AR Application Technology Research Institute with Tsinghua Holdings, Goolton is a leading virtual reality company. Also, on the way to be one of the best AR glasses companies, Goolton has established an optical R&D centre with Jinan University and has attracted professional teams including the PhD in the United States and Tsinghua University who have independently developed AR software - hardware and cloud platform, and integrated application systems such as face recognition, vehicle recognition, voice control, and remote interaction to serve logistic, medical, secure industry.







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